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About Us

"Design is everything."

Positive Design Agency is owned by Erin Hearne. 

Erin is a qualified Industrial Designer and has been working in Graphic Design and Industrial Design for over 25 years. 


Vastly experienced in Custom Retail Displays,  PDA will create the solution you need to increase your sales.


Passionate about design and making retail a better place to sell, Erin and his team will always go the extra mile to create your perfect retail solution.

When not designing retail displays, Erin is focused on his family and his other passions...custom motorcycles and V8 classics. All of the custom vehicles Erin has built have been published in numerous publications and won many awards. It is this attention to detail that Erin brings to his designs and retail solutions.

For more information about Positive Design Agency (or Erin), contact us and share your story.

Together, we can make retail a better place, one design at a time!

Our team is more than just a pack of...

"I've always loved to draw and create things. I am so grateful that my career allows me to continue this for my clients and their brands."

Erin Hearne.

We are a dedicated group, passionate about design and retail, and  our work reflects this.
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