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We Specialise in Custom Retail Displays...

Designed Solutions for your Brand. 

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Positive Design Agency Limited (PDA) is a New Zealand owned & operated design driven business. No project is too big for us to design and produce a custom retail solution for your brand, your products and your consumers, and with local and offshore manufacturing we can manage the process from concept to completion.

PDA is commonly an acronym for "Public Displays of Affection"... and to us that is exactly right... Our displays are in the public arena to help sell your product with love and care. Some may say "affection"... So there you have it.. PDA!


Design is at the core of our business, tailored to you by experienced and qualified designers to ultimately increase your sales through an enhanced consumer experience with your products and brand.

We call this


... And we are ready for your next step.

Reach out to us. 

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